Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Post

I have created this blog after reading another blog by a girl who went to Oviedo last spring, and from her posts it seemed like a great way to share photos and keep a sort of travel journal to remind myself of what I did, how I felt about things at certain times, etc. That said, the utility of this blog rests heavily on my ability to make myself post updates at respectable intervals, so hopefully I can keep up with it. I am just beginning to learn how to use Blogger, and although I know that I can upload photos and all that fun stuff, I still need to figure out those features. It should be pretty interesting to see how I talk on here too, as I already find myself trying to use big words and sound sophisticated. Anyway, I'm at work now but when I get home later I plan on writing a post about the preparations for my trip to Spain, including my recent jaunt to DC with Beth to apply for my visa.

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