Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Arrival in Oviedo

Well I have been in Oviedo for about 24 hours now, and as you can imagine a lot of stuff has happened since my last post. I'll try to hit all the important points without being too long-winded. My flight to Paris was fine, good selection of movies and some gross pasta, but I mostly slept and watched the real-time map. It took about an hour and a half to get through the Paris airport from my arrival gate to the separate terminal for my flight to Oviedo, including going through customs (why?) and catching a bus. The new terminal was like it's own small airport, and in the 5 hours I spent there I read TIME magazine and slept awkwardly in a chair. I had to go outside and actually climb up the stairs to get on the plane to Asturias, and I tried to sleep on that flight too but a snoring Dutchman next to me made that pretty difficult. The view out the window coming into Asturias was pretty cool, the airport is right on the sea on top of a cliff, so all of the sudden instead of looking at the ocean and thinking we still had a while before we landed I was touching down in Spain. I didn't have to go through customs in the Asturias airport, strangely, but I had no problem hauling my luggage to the bus for the 40 minute ride to Oviedo.
I accidentally slept on that bus too, I had wanted to check out the scenery but I was just too tired. I took a taxi from the bus station to my apartment and managed to arrive an hour earlier than I had told her (since I didn't have any hassle at the airport I caught the 3 o'clock bus, not the 4 o'clock like I had expected. That's probably why it took Amparo so long to come to the door, but after two doorbell rings and a knock I got inside. I was shown to my room, which I'll put up a photo of later, and then fed lentils and chicken with all the skin and bones still on it. It was pretty good, but I was surprised when I found that first bone. Amparo's son Tony came over to help me set up the wireless on my computer and I skyped my dad for a little while, then I just watched TV and tried to stay awake while Amparo did some continuing education for her X-ray imaging until dinner. I was actually watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit in Spanish, but all the voices are dubbed over and it's hard to understand the TV because they talk so fast. So around 8 o'clock we ate some salads and tortillas (not what you think it is, basically an omelet with just eggs and potatos) and then I went to bed. No joke, I was exhausted. Later I'll make another post about what I did today, but since today's not over yet I can't right now, wouldn't be prudent.


  1. thanks for the post. i'm glad you arrived safely. Your parents were doing pretty good when I left today. They miss you but are glad that you have this opportunity to study in spain, plus they get to come visit you in june!!! Take care

  2. Glad to hear that all is well in Spain. It's so weird to say that, it's unreal to think of you being in Europe when you are supposed to be in 3rd grade!! I will try to catch you on Skype, send me your info or add me to your list. Love you, Aunt Connie aka Anonymous