Friday, September 25, 2009

Relaciones Internacionales

I think you guys should be able to figure out that title. Hint: switch the words around and replace a few c's with t's. On my first full day I went to the International Relations office to register. I waited in the wrong line for about 20 minutes but then I went up to the proper counter and was shown to the desk of Monica Bohigas, the person who had been sending me information since May through the Study Abroad office at Tech. We discussed at length how to spell my name, and I was told repeatedly in Spanish (and then in English) how to continue registering for my classes and what I need to take to the National Police so I don't get deported. When I told her that I didn't have a bank account yet, she walked me across the street to the BBVA and told me to open one, and that was that. Finally, since you have to have an appointment to apply for a residence card with the police, she called them for me, and they told me to come on November 19 at 9:40 AM. November 19?! At least I'll have time to fill out their application form, which looks super confusing.
So the next day I went to my campus (it's called Campus Milan, in case you're curious) and looked for the Coordinator for International Relations, only to find out that shes' out sick. Oh well. I'll go to the mall instead and buy a cell phone, since I've decided which one I want. On the way there I discovered an ancient church that's really near the apartment and has a nice park around it, but in the Vodafone store I was told in rapid-fire Spanish that the computer system is down and they can't create new accounts right now, try back later in the afternoon. FINE, I'll just go buy a donut and take a nap then! Even better, today I did the exact same two things I just described, with exactly the same results, except I didn't feel like a donut so I bought a Spanish National Geographic. I guess I'm getting my classes and my phone Monday . . .
Anyway that's all I can really think of right now, so I'll leave you with a picture of my room and the view from it. Hasta luego.

My room, looking in from the doorway.

My view, of an apartment building with a furniture store underneath. I live above the "Furniture Palace", and I'm pretty sure this whole street is the furniture district . . .

The ancient church near the mall, called San Julian de los Prados, also referred to as Santullano. The oldest part dates from the 9th century.


  1. I'm dying to know--what do Spanish donuts taste like?? Even though they are not my friend, donuts are my favorite junk food and I have been known to polish off a dozen a day. . . think Duck Donuts!!! Sounds like things are very laid back in this town and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Love the pictures, keep them coming. Miss you. Aunt Connie

  2. Spanish donuts don't have the sugary glaze, so it's just the dough and the chocolate. And the chocolate isn't as creamy, so it tends to break apart and fall off as you eat it.

  3. I see what you are saying and it makes sense. I don't care for the sugary glaze in yeast donuts. My favorite is the cake donut dipped in icing such as chocolate, vanilla, or maple and then optional toppings such as coconut, nuts, etc. Basically, what one would get at Duck Donuts!! As you can tell, I am a donut connisseur but I have been known to eat low-quality dough when trying to satisfy my craving. Living in Grundy has probably kept me from putting on many donut pounds but it has also kept good donuts a mysterious quest for me. I do wax poetic when speaking of them!! Virginia Tech has just whipped up on Miami in the rain at Hokie Stadium, Uncle Doug is thinking this might be a good season. Hope that your Saturday has been good--or is it Sunday?

  4. Mmmm Duck Donuts...your Aunt Connie's got me wanting them now!

    Also, I think I told you this already, but I LOVE that picture of the church.